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Case Studies Amazon​

• Reduced cost by 30 % and sales increased by 20 %

Success Story –  We created Web banner ads for Amazon based on research of past number of clicks on their best creatives.

We saw an 83% increase in number of clicks during their sale season.

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  • • Reduced cost  by 30 % and time by 40 %. Sales increased by 20 % 
  • • Increase in clicks by 69 % from past 5 years.
  • • Reduced cost and increase in sales resulted into 5x profit.

Case Studies Make My Trip

20 % increase in selling group travel packages.

How We Did It

Enablers (visiting cards,whatsapp dps,leaflets) were created to get elderly and house wives on board.

MMT announced the campaign amongst its database and offline store owners.

Campaigns were created saying- Travel karne aur karane ki koi umar nahi hoti- elderly.
Ab mai travel karungi aur karaungi.


• Reached more than 1,70,000 people all over India.

Got more than 20,000 people on board as travel associates.

This resulted into 20 % increase in selling of group packages with 60 days of launch..


• Sell  travel group packages

• Penetrate in the market of local travel agencies.( as per research 70 % market share of travel is still acquired by travel agencies.

• Target people who are retired or unemployed.


Target (TG) the retired professionals and housewives.

Multi-level marketing where the TG will sell  travel package to their peers and enroll them to be a part of MMT travel associate while working from home.

Campaign to go live on Mobile database of age.

Case Studies Mon Dimora


Low conversion rates and ineffective targeting hampered Mon Dimora’s Meta Ads performance marketing.

Insufficient ROI and struggles in generating significant sales through online channels.

Lack of a strategy to efficiently reach potential customers and drive conversions.


Conducted targeted audience segmentation based on demographics and behavior patterns.

• Developed visually compelling ad creatives emphasizing luxury and unique selling points.

Strategically optimized ad placement, utilized offers, and promotions to entice customers.

How We Did It

Leveraged advanced audience targeting tools within Meta Ads for refined segmentation.

Conducted A/B testing for ad creatives, continuously optimized based on performance.

•  Monitored campaign metrics, adjusted strategies in real-time, and tracked ROI accurately.


• Achieved 18 purchases within a month, directly attributed to optimized Meta Ads.

Generated a 2x ROI, indicating significant revenue increase compared to ad costs.

Improved conversion rates and increased brand visibility within the target audience.

Social Media Designing for Mon Dimora

Case Studies 34 of a Kind


Faced challenges with stagnant sales and low online visibility despite their unique offerings.

Inadequate conversion rates and a lack of targeted reach through their existing Meta Ads campaigns.

Struggles in establishing a robust digital presence and achieving satisfactory ROI from advertising efforts.


Conducted in-depth audience research to identify niche customer segments and tailor ads accordingly.

Designed visually captivating ad creatives showcasing the brand’s distinct fashion line and value propositions.

Implemented strategic ad placements, optimized targeting, and incentivized promotions to drive engagement.

How We Did It

Utilized advanced audience segmentation tools within Meta Ads to refine targeting based on customer preferences and behaviors.

Ran multivariate testing on ad creatives, headlines, and CTAs to optimize for maximum engagement and conversions.

Monitored campaign performance metrics closely, adjusted bidding strategies, and refined audience targeting for continual improvement.


• Achieved 30% increase in online sales within the first month through targeted Meta Ads campaigns.

Generated a 3.5x ROI, signifying a substantial boost in revenue compared to the advertising expenditures.

Improved conversion rates by 50%, demonstrating the effectiveness of optimized ad placements and compelling promotions.