University of Guelph

Discover excellence at the University of Guelph – a leading institution fostering innovation, world-class research, and personalized learning.


• Wanted to attract the next generation of international students to its various courses.
• Raise brand awareness
• Get students to actually enroll.


• More student-centric messaging.

• Reach prospective students deciding on a place to go

• Raise brand awareness

How we did it

• The ads consisted of one video and one image, and were run on Facebook and Instagram.

• They were targeted to people who are interested in studying abroad or parents whose children are interested.


• 2.1X more leads generated by leads ads with Instant Forms

• 48% decrease in cost per lead for leads ads with Instant Forms

• 0.5% increase in click-through rate for leads ads with Instant Forms

Oxford Kids Delhi & Gurgaon

Oxford Kids is dedicated to providing a creative, innovative, and stimulating learning environment that fosters the growth of young leaders.


• Brand demanded to increase the awareness amongst the users on social media about the education abroad courses available in Ireland, Uk.

• Get qualified leads of students who wants to study abroad.


• In order to set apart from the competition, we developed strategies and content and ensured that they are clearly conveyed through social media marketing. 

• We also started creating Ads that would target the main pain points of our B2C audience, such as “why study MBA in Ireland?”, “What are the options for IT in the UK?”By doing this, we positioned our client as a thought leader in the leadership industry – something that helped them stay ahead of the competition.

How we did it

• We have made types of campaigns with different Ad groups as per the courses on the website.

• Remarketing of creative Ads were created that helped to target bounced audiences who have not converted into leads.
We have implemented the Smart bidding strategy such as Maximize Conversion to increase the Lead in a cost effective way.


•Reduce the cost per click by 40%.

•By targeting the right set of audiences, we were also able to get a 50% reduced cost per lead.

•In addition, we helped Newstrides better organic traffic from organic search and various social media platforms.


IIM Shillong is a global, inclusive, innovative spirit that accelerates action and impact. Our dynamic community of knowledge seekers are experimenting with new ideas, innovating solutions, pioneering sustainable practices, nurturing personal growth, impacting the local community and transforming management to reinvent tomorrow.


  • Establishing superiority among IIMs.
  • Overcoming geographic disadvantage.
  • Improving brand recognition.


  • Showcasing Shillong’s charm.
  • Highlighting academic excellence.
  • Interactive content strategy.

How we did it

  • Engaging content creation.
  • Targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Community building and engagement.


  • 70% increase in brand awareness.
  • 30% increase in qualified leads.
  • Enhanced reputation and perception.